Professional coaching and consulting services to help individuals, teams and organizations to become more focused, effective and successful.


The ‘Selfie-360’ – Unleashing the Power of Feedback

Over the past several months, I have helped many corporate leaders to make meaningful and positive changes, based on candid feedback from others. The...

Maybe you need a new dream?

Dreams come true. We enjoy them. And then it’s time for a new dream (rinse, repeat). This cycle goes on throughout life, but seems to really come...

Mid-Life Reinvention: You 2.0

Jason is a 40-year old quality improvement manager at a huge conglomerate where he’s spent his entire career. He is successful, earns good money,...

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Leadership Development



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Customer Testimonials

I used to think that having a life coach was for “other people” but when I took the leap of faith last year and began with Tim, it was a life-changing event! Through a myriad of techniques and ways of staying connected, I was drawn out of my comfort zone to a place that led me to lay the groundwork for the next half of my life.  Tim’s allowing nature and genuine concern for my progress was the catalyst for me staying on my path.  I’m proud to say that all the goals that I laid out initially have come to fruition (in some shape or form) in the short time working with Tim

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