Professional coaching and consulting services to help individuals, teams and organizations to become more focused, effective and successful.


The ‘Selfie-360’ – Unleashing the Power of Feedback

Over the past several months, I have helped many corporate leaders to make meaningful and positive changes, based on candid feedback from others. The...

Maybe you need a new dream?

Dreams come true. We enjoy them. And then it’s time for a new dream (rinse, repeat). This cycle goes on throughout life, but seems to really come...

Mid-Life Reinvention: You 2.0

Jason is a 40-year old quality improvement manager at a huge conglomerate where he’s spent his entire career. He is successful, earns good money,...

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  • Life Planning
  • Special Focus


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  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management Communications
  • Organization Development
  • Corporate Communications


Leadership Development



  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Assessments (individual/360/culture)



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Tim has been extraordinarily helpful in keeping me focused on my primary goals in work and life, sorting what is truly important for me.

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