Who I Work With

While I coach clients from all walks of life, I have a special passion for helping professionals, ages 35-60, to redesign, and reconfigure themselves for the next chapter of their life journey.

My clients include entrepreneurs, corporate managers and executives, and soon-to-be retirees who want larger, more fulfilling lives. I describe this specialty coaching as “a mid-life makeover, from the inside out.” (keyword: You 2.0!)

I help my clients identify what they really want for the next chapter of life, and then we develop a personal action plan to move them toward the life they believe they were meant to have.

Coaching at midlife can be very powerful!

  • whether it’s identifying a more fulfilling “encore career”
  • having more fulfilling relationships
  • finding greater meaning in life
  • learning what unique contributions one can make for the world,
  • or just finding more contentment and joy (and fun!) each day in this sweet spot called mid-life.

Coaching really works and I am living proof – I’m middle aged and have made profound, positive changes in my life. And working with a coach made my reinvention process easier and more enduring. I highly recommend reinventing oneself. So, may I help you? Schedule 30-minutes now.