Leadership Development Workshops & Seminars

“The Coaching Leader”

Coaching is an important tool for successful 21st Century Leaders. This workshop teaches individuals, groups and team basic coaching skills and how to use them effectively to improve their impact as leaders and increase workplace collaboration.

“The Hard Truth About Soft Skills: Emotional Intelligence & Social Intelligence for Effective Leaders”

A high IQ, an Ivy League MBA, and impressive professional credentials are very good things. But they are no assurance of enduring success as an effective leader. Research shows that a leader’s so-called “soft skills” or people skills are more important indicators of success as a leader.

The most successful leaders at all levels today possess strong Emotional Intelligence (EI), basically a high level of self-awareness and understanding the impact their behavior has on others. Likewise, as an extension of EI they are also skilled in Social Intelligence (SI) able to “read the room” through empathy, active listening, and appreciative inquiry. Here’s the good news: EI/SI skills can be developed; leaders are developed, not born. Our EI/SI workshops make “soft skills” accessible and helps leaders create a development plan.

“Be a Better Business Writer & Communicator”

Successful professionals often do “workarounds” on their perceived weakness in business writing skills. This causes them to avoid communicating in writing which can short circuit a career and diminishes leader effectiveness. We can help! Either as a workshop or one-one-one, we can help leaders become better, more confident writers in business contexts. Through writing evaluations, writing exercises, expert feedback and some executive coaching, we help leaders build new confidence through improving their writing abilities.