Socrates was right! And his time-tested admonition “Know Thyself” is even truer today. Leadership today is an art and science and the most successful leaders are investing in developing themselves and their teams. That starts with clear understanding of where you are today, where you want to be, and what gaps in skills, training and knowledge exist. Then, we help tailor leadership development plans for individuals and teams that strategically address strengths and weaknesses. Greater understanding and self awareness translate to better job-talent matches and more effective leaders.

We are certified providers for several cutting edge assessments to measure leadership, management, culture, personality and behavior, including:

  • The Leadership Circle Profiletm 360
  • Birkman Method®
  • Lominger VOICES® 360
  • Lominger Team Architect®
  • Lominger Leadership Architect®
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile

And more! If don’t see a preferred assessment listed here, please ask!