Take Imperfect Action

Thorough and Cautious? Or Scared…

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes, when I’ve got something in front of me that is new, or I don’t have ALL the answers, or have an ABSOLUTELY assured good outcome, I slip into a habit of delay.  For me, it looks like analyzing and digging for data and running through endless scary “what if” scenarios.  I tell myself that I’m just being thorough and cautious.

Thanks to coaching – both as a client and as a coach myself – I’ve discovered over time that I’m stalling because I’m kinda’ scared.  Scared of what, you ask?  Of failure. Of looking bad. Of making a mess. Of not doing something perfectly. The endless loop of indecisiveness was my preferred strategy to for playing it safe, but it was also keeping me in the “Land of Stuck-ness.”  Busted.  Now I know better.

Maybe this sounds familiar?

I’ve discovered for me, and for many of my clients grappling with this delay tactic, is that there are more satisfying alternatives to feeling stuck.  Here’s one that I find works well for me — Take Imperfect Action.

Take Imperfect Action means pushing past the scary unknowns and just moving ahead.  This isn’t about being reckless or impulsive. It means doing reasonable due diligence, gathering adequate data, discerning, and then choosing a course of action.  And then taking mindful — if imperfect – action, informed by my current understanding and resources.

And something happens that is quite remarkable. Taking action, albeit imperfect, tends to create spaciousness for new things to emerge – people, resources, opportunities, and ideas. Stuff seems to show up at the perfect time, after imperfect action being taken. It’s uncanny.

When I let go of the need to “look good” or the illusion of being able to live failure-free and just take imperfect action, I feel better. I feel lighter, freer, and even playful.  My clients tell me they have similar experiences, by doing reasonable due diligence, then just Take Imperfect Action.

If this intrigues or resonates for you, I have some questions for you to ponder:


  • What are you feeling stuck about?
  • What imperfect action are you willing to consider?  Pick one.
  • What data or resources are missing to take informed imperfect action?
  • What are you saying “yes” to by taking this imperfect action?
  • What are you saying “no” to by not taking this imperfect action?
  • What happened the last time you acted without perfect information or absolute assured outcome?
  • What imperfect action will you take next?


Working with a professional coach is a great way to explore unquestioned limiting beliefs and move ahead in life. A coach can help you discern and commit to action, then help you be accountable. Your coach will help you unpack the process and outcome to deepen the learning. I bet your coach will also celebrate you taking informed imperfect action. I sure would!

Why not contact me to schedule a complementary 30 –minute consultation call.  I’d love to explore ways in which I can help you identify and then take imperfect action toward creating the life you are meant to live!

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