Timothy S. Kincaid


Principal – Kincaid Associates Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Leadership & Executive Coach
Communications, Change Management & Leadership Development Consultant
University Faculty

Tim Kincaid is a leadership coach and consultant specializing in strategic communications, change management and leadership development, and teaches numerous university courses.

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Terry Hildebrandt, MA, Ph.D., PCC

A catalyst for individuals and organizations to realize their full potential by providing facilitation, coaching, and organizational consulting. He equips you with the self-awareness, tools, and processes to reach your goals! Terry has over 17 years of coaching experience. He has dedicated a large portion of his career to executive coaching and organization development. He has worked with… Read more

Jude Olson, PhD, ACC, Executive Coach

A certified, professional coach experienced in helping adults to positively navigate mid-life reinvention and transition. In her private practice, she provides leadership coaching to local corporations and executives in the TCU EMBA program. In her current position as Executive coach at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company in Fort Worth, she has been… Read more

Kristin Robertson, ACC

An executive coach who works with executives and high potential managers to increase their self-awareness and leadership effectiveness. Kristin employs many techniques, honed over years of experience, that encourage the development of emotional intelligence in her clients. She also draws on wisdom from many theories and schools of thought, including personality assessments such as… Read more

Cathy Wright MBA organizational change and communications consulting

Cathy Wright, MBA

Throughout her 25-year career in organizational change and communications consulting, Cathy has enabled businesses, government agencies and non-profits to cultivate the leadership capacity, employee commitment and collaboration required to achieve and sustain transformative results. As president and founder of New Ground Consulting Group, she leverages her extensive experience in…Read more

Cheryl Pope, MBA

Cheryl Pope, MBA

An organizational effectiveness consultant and executive coach. Simply put, she helps organizations and individuals maximize results through communication, goal setting and accountability. Her main areas of focus are: Executive/business coaching, Strategic Planning, Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership Development, and Employee Engagement… Read more

Susan Shapiro, MS, PCC

Susan B. Shapiro, MS, PCC

Susan launched Onpoint Leadership in 2005 after a global sales and marketing career at Hewlett-Packard. She provides high potential coaching and consulting services to organizations who believe that people are their greatest asset. Susan brings insight into communications, emotional intelligence, and relationship building for collaboration and…. Read more.