Tim has helped me in more ways than I can say, especially during a major transitional time in my life. By simply listening, asking thoughtful questions, and picking up on things that I overlooked, I often came away with new insights into what was going on at the time. I can say that I now have a clearer sense of what I really value, what I want to do, career-wise, and how to get there. You will not find a more compassionate coach and stronger cheerleader for your success than Tim.

Dr. Kincaid assisted me by helping me gain much clarity about my desires, motivations and dreams. During our coaching sessions, he provided a framework of support, guidance, challenge, encouragement and empowerment.

His mentoring and coaching skills helped me to develop a new set of goals and tools, which helped me develop a plan of action to pursue and realize these dreams. Tim is an excellent motivator and active listener. He asks pertinent, thought-provoking questions and encourages curiosity, personal growth and self-fulfillment.

I highly recommend Dr. Kincaid as a professional business coach. He is very good at what he does and is a caring and gifted individual.

Working with Tim helped me achieve way more than I originally planned to. Whereas, I thought that I knew exactly what I wanted to get out of our coaching sessions, Tim facilitated an exploration process unlike I’d ever experienced before. But beyond helping you understand yourself, Tim inspires you to take action and not settle for status quo. I would recommend, and indeed have, working with Tim any time!

Working with Tim has provided me with significant insights towards the pursuit of creating and experiencing a life that I love. Tim’s spirit is extraordinarily calming and he is a master at listening for those key moments in our conversation that are significant … and then provides a gentle prodding for me to discover and create a breakthrough towards my journey.

Coaching with Tim helped me to dig deeper to fully understand areas in which I really excel and other areas which held me back. Tim’s coaching helped so that I could move from a position of being complacent to being alive and more action oriented. Coaching helped me understand the differences between being a passive participant in life to being fully engaged and being able to make things happen.

Tim is an amazing life coach!! WOW! He really helped me set some boundaries and keep them, and help take back control of my life. I am so thrilled with the results! Thank you!!

Tim has been extraordinarily helpful in keeping me focused on my primary goals in work and life, sorting what is truly important for me.

Thank you, Tim! I gained so much from our initial session yesterday. The best part was how it kept bubbling up and providing new insights yesterday evening and this morning. I realized that I was blocked by a fear of failure as much as a fear of pain. That’s a very new insight.  I’m proud to say I took the dog for a twenty minute walk just after our session and intended to walk her 20 minutes this morning. Instead, I turned into a neighboring subdivision and got turned around. We walked 40 minutes and we both came home exhausted! I invite everyone to look into coaching. It is a powerful way to find your path to success. I cannot imagine a better coach than Tim.

Tim is a very good mentor coach. I worked with him on an ICF core competencies mentoring round preparing for ACC accreditation. He has a great understanding of the competencies and was able to work with me to identify good points and discuss constructively and professionally areas that there was room to do even better. He made good use of examples when explaining a point which showed his high level of understanding of the requirements. I would gladly recommend Tim as a mentor coach.

Tim helped me step back from challenging situations in my career, examine them objectively, and then make clear decisions on next steps. That slice of clarity helped me evaluate situations from a broader perspective than just my immediate reaction.

As a gay man in the corporate world, I often felt isolated from my straight peers despite my being out and their being accepting. I found it unexpectedly powerful to have the counsel of someone like Tim that understands the challenges and how to navigate them.